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Besides showing our own work in our gallery we sometimes place work in other venues or shows. Also from time to time we show work by other artists in our gallery or sponsor other types of events.


Occasionally we like to let our followers know about related events near us or related to art, furniture or finishing.


Please email us if you have any questions about events listed here.

``FLUIDITY OF A LINE`` by Jeff Harris

Opening the First Friday of September, 2019. 5 to 8 pm.

A show of new welded metal sculpture by Philadelphia sculptor Jeff Harris.

“What has always been important to me is some type of expression in a line, feeling the essence or emotion of a movement. A moment or observation, frozen and captured in time. I consider my sculpture, as a form of line drawing in space that which tries to convey a story or a feeling that hopefully can relate to many. Steel has a wonderful flexibility that most don’t realize. Most have thought that you need heat, or a forge to bend the steel, but that is not always the case. I have been bending steel for many years without any form of forge or heating process with the steel. I do use a welder, to bring bent pieces together to create a new piece of art. All the benting is a cold process, without heat. You can pretend to be superman and bend steel with your own hands. I usually use other materials with the steel, such as concrete and wood, but right this moment, just enjoying the fluidity of a line in steel.”

Jeff Harris At Bill Russell Studios

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